Full-Spectrum Hemp vs. Broad Spectrum Hemp vs. CBD Isolate

If you’ve noticed the terms “full-spectrum,” “broad spectrum” and “isolate” when reading about hemp or CBD products but are in the dark about what they all mean, this post is intended to provide you with the important cliff notes of each description.

Why do you need to know the difference among these three terms? As health-conscious consumers on the lookout for honest products to enhance your wellbeing, it can be confusing to know which products to choose from and which brands to trust. We are constantly inundated with false information from the media, companies and individuals claiming what’s beneficial for our minds and bodies and what’s not – especially in the realm of the wellness industry focusing on the supposed benefits of the hemp plant.

We are here to tell you the truth – to give you the facts – not opinions – on full-spectrum hemp, broad spectrum hemp and CBD isolate products, and why it’s important to know what each one is comprised of.

Full-Spectrum Hemp 

Full-spectrum hemp is equipped with all of the cannabinoids present in the original hemp plant. Full-spectrum hemp oils are packed full of essential and beneficial minerals, fatty acids, protein and fiber the human body needs to achieve optimal levels of wellness. 

Full-spectrum hemp is extracted from the hemp plant leaving all of the original and naturally occurring constituents (phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids) that Mother Earth intended to keep support for the human body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). All of the original cannabinoids part of the hemp plant working together is the best way for individuals to receive optimal wellness, as they all work in tandem to create what is known as the “Entourage Effect” – the phenomenon which results from the many components of the hemp plant interacting with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of the components alone – namely, CBD.

In comparison with CBD isolate, full-spectrum hemp is said to be more effective for users as CBD isolate products lack all other cannabinoids and constituents that create the powerful and therapeutic entourage effect. CBD isolate is the result of multiple chemical extraction processes which leaves only CBD in the finished product – no other cannabinoids and other benefit-boosting components included. 

Why is CBD isolate bad for the body? Because CBD in isolated form is not fully absorbed into the body, the liver has an extremely difficult time trying to process the substance in its isolated state. Therefore, similar to the way vitamin C provides no benefit to the body once it reaches the intended amount the body needs, the rest is simply pushed out of the body. This means three things:  (1) Putting your money toward CBD isolates may not be the wisest choice (2) CBD isolates can be harmful to the body, and potentially may cause long-term health issues (3) No actual benefit is achieved from consuming CBD isolates, as the original constituents of the hemp plant have been eliminated through the multiple steps of chemical processing, which results in the inability to activate and synergize the Endocannabinoid System.

This is why individuals who try an isolated form of a CBD product typically do not feel any therapeutic effects or receive any benefits. Many studies are currently being conducted on the harmful side effects of CBD isolate, and the findings are not favorable. Consumers simply buy CBD isolates for two reasons (1) A lack of education and/or are misguided by uneducated vendors (2) Inexpensive products are a direct reflection of the quality of product. AKA cheap price = cheap product. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp

Broad spectrum hemp is hemp extract containing all phytocannabinoids of the hemp plant except THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for producing the “high” people feel. 

Broad spectrum hemp extract is similar to full-spectrum hemp extract, except for the fact that broad spectrum hemp products are free from the THC molecule. These products may be a better fit for people who can benefit from the hemp extract including all phytocannabinoids of the hemp plant minus THC, but who may need to take drug tests for work or other reasons where the THC compound could show up.

When made from full-spectrum hemp extract, the THC component is removed through a CO2 extraction process to acquire an oil free of THC. That oil then goes through another testing process referred to as the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This is what transforms the oil from full-spectrum hemp extract to broad spectrum hemp extract. 

Put simply, broad-spectrum hemp products are full-spectrum hemp products minus the powerful component, THC.

CBD Isolate

We gave you the rundown on CBD isolate earlier, but here is the actual definition. CBD isolate is exactly what it states it is – CBD (formerly regarded as cannabidiol) and nothing else, which means it lacks all other cannabinoids and terpenes the hemp plant offers. Contrary to popular belief, CBD isolate is not very effective (as mentioned before) because it lacks all of the other beneficial and therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids that make full-spectrum products so effective. 

Which Hemp Extract Product Should You Choose?

Research shows that full-spectrum hemp is more effective than CBD isolates regarding treating inflammatory-related conditions (due to the entourage effect). But, remember, products containing THC (products derived from full-spectrum hemp extract) may not be good for people needing to pass a drug test or who are especially sensitive to variables that may alter your state of mind. If that’s the case, broad-spectrum hemp products may be the best choice for you.

Despite the harmful chemical processes CBD isolate products undergo, they may be a good option if you are using them to mix with home products you may have such as bath bombs, topical lotions or essential oils to use on your skin. However, CBD isolates are the least effective out of the three options. 

ZL Conclusion 

Full-spectrum hemp is extracted hemp oil in its whole and natural state, meaning it is free from the harsh chemical processes that broad spectrum and CBD isolates undergo. The hemp plant was given from Mother Earth to nourish our bodies, and Zakah Life has created full-spectrum hemp products built on consistency, efficiency, and exclusivity derived from the astoundingly beneficial full-spectrum hemp extract. Full-spectrum hemp products are products we highly recommend not because it’s what we sell, but because we are more than confident they are the products that will produce the best, safest and most organic results. 

Knowledge is power in any field, and when it’s our health we’re talking about, that knowledge is particularly and especially powerful. Here at Zakah Life, we will never tell you our full-spectrum hemp products will cure your ailments or magically fix your mind or body. What we will tell you is that we are committed to consistently bringing health-conscious consumers the absolute best quality products on the market for wellbeing support and enhancement. 

Every one of the products we create and sell authentically guarantees three major things:  where the hemp was grown, transparency of how much hemp is contained in the product (along with any other ingredients), and proof of lab results. We are genuinely in business to make a dent in the wellness world not for money or recognition, but to improve the health of as many people as possible. 

We are proud to offer our customers the best products sourced only from natural, organic, benefit-boosting all-natural plants, and that is exactly what we are doing with our full-spectrum, organic hemp products. 

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