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Passionate about changing lives
committed to supporting health and bringing hope

Zakah Life is a health and wellness company motivated to empower health-conscious consumers by way of probiotic grown, premium full-spectrum hemp products. We want you to live in the now and savor the moments at hand. By providing you with top quality products and unbelievable customer service, we’ll help you get there.

Founded and owned by Cole Stegman, an innovator in the holistic health and wellness industry, Zakah Life aspires to be the number one destination for health-conscious consumers motivated to live a life of abundance.

Zakah Life’s mission is to educate people on the incredible benefits the hemp plant can provide consumers concerning excellent wellbeing.

At Zakah Life’s core lies an honest approach to providing as many people as possible with the multitude of health benefits the hemp plant contains.


We are realists just as much as we are optimists. Zakah Life understands the science behind the product that results in the consumer’s ability to live their healthiest, productive lives. Our desire to improve the health of consumers by way of all-natural products is second to none.

Welcome to a new world of wellness – where integrity meets quality.

CBD Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Capsule