After spending even just a few minutes with Zakah Life™ founder Cole Stegman you will come away feeling inspired and optimistic. It’s part of Cole’s DNA to cheer people onward and help them in any way he can to find healthful ways to live, envision a future of infinite possibilities, and press forward in finding their purpose.

This laser focus on others may be because, growing up, he personally experienced what it feels like to have none of those things: good health, a promising future, or a fulfilling purpose. But then he discovered how beauty really can emerge from the dust of a difficult past. “I always knew there was this missing piece in my life,” he recalls. “It was God, and I was always running from him. Now I know that God never left me and he used people to help me. That’s what I want to do with my life, so I founded Zakah Life™.”

We’re a company fully committed to bringing you the best quality natural products at reasonable prices, and fittingly, the humble Heartland of Iowa has become the home base of Zakah Life™ as well as for Cole and his family.

Today, Zakah Life™ pledges to serve you with integrity, supporting health and bringing hope to as many people as we can possibly reach, day by day. Even the words associated with all of our products, “From soil to hope,” reflect our heartfelt mission: “I’m not out to make millions,” you’ll often hear Cole say. “I want to change millions of lives.”

So welcome to the Zakah Life™ family. To us, you’re one in a million.

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